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hexagon screw M12X1,5X28-8.8-A-A3C

06017390053 - suitable for Man
Part number 06017390053
Manufacturer Man
Height 2.60 cm
Width 2.10 cm
Lenght 1.90 cm
Replaced by part number 06017336310

Specifically designed for Man trucks, this 06017390053 is a true Man hexagon screw M12X1,5X28-8.8-A-A3C.

Why put up with a Man truck that is not in use because you don't have the right part when we can supply a true Man hexagon screw M12X1,5X28-8.8-A-A3C quickly and cost-effectively?

Costing a mere €3.61, this 06017390053 has a weight of 0.0 and will be packaged accordingly to protect it en route to you.

Every hexagon screw M12X1,5X28-8.8-A-A3C we supply that has been made by Man comes with a guarantee that will last for 1 years.

The 06017390053 hexagon screw M12X1,5X28-8.8-A-A3C replaced by part number 06017336310.

About MAN

MAN is a truck manufacturing brand based in Munich, Germany that has been making buses and heavy goods vehicles since 1908 when several companies merged together to form a new entity, Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg AG, or MAN for short. In fact, as a legal trading entity, MAN ceased to be an independent company in 2021. However, manufacturing continues under the MAN brand since it is now a subsidiary of the large automotive sector firm, Volkswagen AG.

In Germany alone, MAN boasts 145 service outlets and there are 204 MAN service partners. In addition to its bus and truck manufacturing arms, MAN also produces a number of van and combi-van models for which spare parts are also produced in abundance. 


All genuine MAN truck spare parts come with a two-year warranty period issued by the manufacturer. This covers MAN genuine parts from its Ecoline range and MAN genuine accessories for both buses and trucks, something that has been the case since the manufacturer upped its warranty period in 2017.

Why order at FIXANDRIVE

  • MAN's range of genuine spare truck parts is notable for its superior quality and longer warranty period compared to third-party components.
  • MAN keeps many of the most commonly ordered spare parts in production, ready to be deployed so there are usually no problems with unwanted lengthy lead times.
  • MAN produces some repair kits for certain truck models which aim to help reduce downtime by allowing mechanics to replace entire assemblies if a fault has not yet been fully diagnosed as having been caused by a single component.
  • The contents of MAN's Ecoline range of spare parts are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption and require no new parts to be manufactured.
  • To help improve vehicle safety, MAN carries out DEKRA test reports on many of its spare parts to ensure they will function as intended from a safety perspective once fitted.
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