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Payment information

Fixandrive.com is a product offered by the German legal entity Ersatzio GmbH which is the recipient of all payments.

We offer customers the following payment methods to ensure that you can choose the most convenient method each being totally safe.

Please refer to the order number or the inquiry number within the reference of your payment so that we can proceed faster with your order.

Payment information

Payment types we accept

Bank transfer

Direct money transfer from your bank account to the bank account of the Fix&Drive company.

Our bank account details

Bank name: Postbank Ndl der Deutsche Bank
Bank address: 66107 Saarbrucken, Germany
IBAN: DE77 5901 0066 0998 5476 62
Currency: EUR
Recipient: Ersatzio GmbH

Fees: we do not charge any additional fees for this payment method.
Please ensure that we receive the full amount. Use the payment fee option "OUR" with your bank account.


The most popular payment method among our customers.

Our PayPal account details:

Fees: due to several reasons, we do charge additional 6% for payments from within the EU and 10% for payments from outside the EU.

Additional security: Paypal offers the possibility to freeze and refund your payment.

Credit card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit card

Fees: we charge additional 3% for payments from within the EU and 5% for payments from outside the EU.